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Price Less Foods Continues to Expand in East Tennessee

March 09, 2017

Price Less Foods is a cost-plus format, offering products to customers at 10 percent above the store's cost. Because of its unique cost-plus structure, Price Less is unlike most grocery stores because there are no sales gimmicks, costly memberships or loyalty card programs. When product cost is used to determine the selling price is results is consistent low prices across the store. Customers don't have to wait for sales or special days of the month to find low prices on their favorite brands.Plus,Price Less accepts manufacturer coupons.

"Price Less Foods is simple and straightforward," said Randall Tipton, division manager for Houchens Industries, parent company of Price Less Foods. "The price you see is what it costs us to get products to the shelf. Then at checkout customer pays just 10 percent above cost."

As the name implies, Price Less is focused on being a low-cost grocery provider. However, customers will find that the atmosphere and extensive name brand product selection is unlike most discount grocery retailers. Those expecting a "warehouse" or strictly generic brands experience will be pleasantly surprised to find shelves that are fully stocked with hundreds of name brand and private label products that are value priced every day. Price Less also has a team of in-house butchers who hand cut and grind fresh meats every day. Additionally, fresh fruits and vegetables arrive in-store three to five times a week. 

The Jefferson City store is the eleventh Price Less location in the Tri-Cities and east Tennessee region. "Since our first store opened in Johnson City in June 2012, the community support has been phenomenal. We appreciate our customers' support, and we remain committed to our promise to save them money every day."